Monday, August 8, 2016

A Sheraton Sofa

I recently picked up a large Sheraton sofa at a tag sale. I am trying to furnish our new house with only antique furniture - for the quality, but also, for the affordability.  Because oddly enough, these beautiful works of art which were handcrafted using the most high quality solid woods, are also as or more affordable than new furniture. Antique furniture is also a very green option, which is something that has always been tremendously important to me. 

I've never seen a Sheraton sofa with this style of arm before. The arm reminds me of the volute ram's head stair railing in our center hall. I'm curious as to the story behind it. 

It is very sturdy with four fluted Federal feet in the front and two legs in the back. It does need some work (upholstery and I'd like to lighten the wood stain) but structurally, it is in very good shape. 

As of this morning, our floors are finally sealed in every room of the house. This means that the process of moving in begins...

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